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Today, is monday morning. nothing particularly special you may think. And you may be right. everyone is going to school, college, work, or just lazing at home watching Jeremy Kyle, thinking oh my god not another bloody week of the same things again! Surprisingly, i enjoy monday mornings.  I dont have to go to college and get a stupid bus that is always full of weird people and harrassed mothers and elderly people demanding seats, i dont have to leave the house at a ridiculous time of the morning, and best of all, i have a free and empty house until i go out.

When my mum and little sister go out that front door, i finally get peace and quiet. i love the house when it is utterly silent, although it does nearly send me to sleep sometimes. when it is really quiet i can sometimes hear the gas meter in the cupboard ticking!

On monday mornings i sit and read for half an hour, then i get ready to go out. I wash up, sometimes accompanied by my Cat Mr Pebs as he likes to be called, and i sing along to my songs on my phone while i do. (very badly-i’m definitely not made for Xfactor!!)

Atm, i am sitting in an office at Thorpe Hall, Longthorpe, as i am PR volunteer for Sue Ryder Care. That also probably doesnt sound very exciting to you, but actually you’d be surprised. i get here most mondays at 10am, and the office is full of ladies on computers-well when i say full i mean there is 5 in one office, and three in the other. we are quite a small team, but everyone is relaxed, laid back and fun. Emma is the life and soul of the office; she even has her own white board of Quotes, which make me laugh everytime i see them. she is the main person i work with, as her job involves a lot to do with PR and working with other businesses to make sure the Sue ryder Care name gets out there. Before i came, Emma was the baby of the office; the other week she turned 26, so i’m quite a lot younger!!

 Then there is Julie or Jules or even Joo Joo as the girls fondly call her, who is the one who is most sensible and always getting on with her work! she is good fun though :). Mel sits opposite me and looks really young but is always complaining that she feels old!! Mary and Jane are both volunteers like me, Mary is sitting opposite me, counting money, and Jane helps Mel with all of the administrative work, like sending letters out to people.

In the room next door, there is Nat, the ‘big boss’ as fundraising manager, who is really nice and she used to teach with Liz Knight at college, so she knows the course that i am doing. then next to her is Helena, whose sister also works for Sue Ryder Care, but has her own shop. She is lovely and chatty; i could chat to her all day!!

Thats all the team that i work with on a weekly basis and i am really glad i started here, because it is enabling me to gain some work experience and to get my articles published!!!! you may be wondering why i’m sitting here writing this instead of working, but Emma isnt here so i’ve basically got to improvise for most of the day :). i am waiting to go to lunch with Claire, my ex-boyfriends mum. that may sound weird, but she is lovely and we have become friends outside of knowing her through my ex. she is also the one who introduced me to Sue Ryder in general :). She is brilliant- really chatty and honest and she is a great mum to her kids. just a shame my ex doesnt appreciate her a bit more.

okay so thats about it for my first blog. later i’m going to  my boyfriends house 😉 which should be fun. this week my aim is to have fun, have a good week at college, and to finish my radio assignment!! i’m going to the cinema with three of my friends from work (thats a story for another day!), and tomorrow is my weekly visit to grandmas for some absolutely scrumptious dinner! 🙂

Next time i write, i may add some of my photography that i have taken over the summer. i will take some new pictures too-i bought some new camera batteries yesterday which should last me until christmas at least!! 🙂

okay, OVER AND OUT ❤

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October 19, 2009 at 10:50 am

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Hello world!

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well hello there. im sitting here wondering what on earth i write in one of these!! i guess i will find all manner of wordly things to moan and complain about lol, and i may get a few ideas from looking at others 🙂

any comments welcome!

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October 14, 2009 at 10:54 am

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